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Related post: Raven 38 AS REQUIRED russian youn models If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This story is copyrighted, young ebony models 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my carver models review written permission. If you have any desire to get in contact with me for comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, or for permission to use my story (for lord only knows what...) You may contact me at my email address: I also love reviews, both the good and the bad. So please feel free to send your thoughts along, I will be more than happy to answer any questions about the story or writing or anything else that you might have. So I hope to hear from you. Part 4: The Umbral Gate And lo upon him from the eastA light upon the darkness feastIgnites the sky without instructionThe sun arise the nights destructionExpels the child's dreams of nightsAnd basks him eternal morning light Chapter 38: What are we really? We stood in the darkness facing each other and our magic danced around us as I listened to him sexy nonnude models speak. We had been standing for many hours and I listened nude models supine as he recalled his life up until the present. Jackson Petrie was an enigma, now more that ever"That is how it all started. That night we developed the plans to get close to you and teach you how to access your magic and make you become acutely aware that the thing around you might not actually be what they appear to be." He paused before pressing on."We are governed by magical laws, passed down from the high King to his subjects. The first is that we cannot spread the knowledge about our people or speak of anything of a magical nature to humans. With the exception if they already know about us. This law is what has protected our people for several thousand years." Jackson said "if we could have just come to you and say it, it would have been monumentally easier, but you needed to figure out things for yourself."I waited as he seemed to gather his thoughts"Never ever would have anyone ever have guessed that the Ada Ky'rae would be a human. Even I thought it was impossible and yet... here you are. When we started this I wanted you to know that we just wanted to awaken the knowledge... but the more and more I got to know you... Well... I do really love you Raven, you are truly like a brother to Me." he said and I saw a tear roll down the side of his face. He looked into my eyes and I could honestly feel his pain and for a moment I forgave him for what he did to me."Colin and I in the shower... were you...?" I asked and Jackson seemed to know what I was asking"Yes, by that point Colin and I were dating, we ended up bonding before you and I even got together... I'm sorry" Jackson said "That seems forbidden girl models mature busty model kind of fast" I said"Cailen speculated that it is because of our magic, it finds us our perfect mate straight away and pushes us to forge our bond." Jackson said "I happen to agree with that hypothesis""So you said that I smelled funny?" I asked "should I be insulted?""Dustin" he said baylee young models giving me a sour look "your MAGIC smells funny""So that websamba com jessimodel means..." I dragged"You are the Ada Ky'rae" "You've said that, but what does it mean?" I asked christina model video "Dustin... do you naked model men trust me?" Jackson asked childrens modelling nude I slowly had to think about it for a moment "Yes" I slowly said "Close your eyes" he said and I did so feeling rather silly. I want you to go into that deep focused place of your and find where you can feel your magic. I slowly mentally relaxing into my focused place and I felt the chill of my magic spreading through my body like being hit with a cold blast of air. I felt goose bumps all over my arms and legs. "Good Now I want you to not push your magic out, but rather I want you to think about letting it go. Imagine your body is a sponge... I want you to let the magic pass through you. You are holding onto it. I want you to let small school model it go. I found bikini model cartoons my magic deep within me and I felt trapped and caged. I tried pushing with my mind and then I remembered what Jackson said so I instead pulled and tried to free it. I felt my magic slowly begin to leak out and then with a hard pull I felt my magic burst free and it felt like getting hit in the face with a bucket of ice. tinyteen model Suddenly I felt warm again and it almost felt like the time I became hypothermic and the coldness became warmth, the cold felt nearly like freezer burn 100top teen models and my body ached as I let it go. Eventually I began to relax... hirsute models "Open your eyes" he said busty nude model I opened my eyes and there seemed to be a soft glow illuminating the modelisme be darkness around us like a campfire and I realized it was me. I looked down and I saw soft tendrils of yellow and white light passing through my skin and releasing into the air. It dissipated into the night like steam and I would saw it heaven model pics looked like soft still flames moving in slow motion around me. The light seemed strongest around my back where the tendrils of light seemed to be almost five feet long nearly giving me the appearance of wings. When I models undressed turned my head to look at them the tendrils moved outward so I could have a better look at them and I realized they were obeying my will. I looked to Jackson and he had fallen down to one knee"And I am your servant" Jackson said facing the ground "I swear on all that I am, that I am only here to serve and new model sveta protect you. I never meant to harm you Dustin. I pray to Ada that you might believe me and learn to trust me someday." "What about this Cailen... don't you serve him?" I asked "I am a hand of Ada, I follow her will." Jackson said simply "but I hope you will help us." "I have questions" I said "Shoot" Jackson said looking up at me"The Gallants, Colin's family" I asked"The Gallants were born and raised in this world with their powers intact which is a feat I can hardly imagine. Casey and Clayton work for the temple, Colin has been serving Cailen faithfully for many years stephany child model now, but I am sure his brothers do now know." He said "How old are you?" I connector model nga asked "I'm not sure but I guess about twenty two or so" he said "Can you switch back to your human form?" I asked and Jay or Aden seemed domai model alina hesitant "Are you sure it will not cp model tgp only upset you more?" He asked "Please just show me" I said and he sighed and looked at me "Dustin I am still the same person you've known, everything I said about how I felt about you was true. When I am near you my magic sings with joy. Please just remember that" he said and I watched as his face bunched up as if in concentration young modells pic and I watched as his face returned into the human shape I knew. I stepped forward and I reached out to touch him. My hand hottest bikini models reached up and I touched his face and I ran my fingers through his hair. As I did I got flashes of images in my mind, and now I knew from his story what they were; the manor, Caius, and Daius, Twfen and Aldena. "Why is it that when I touch you I see things?" I asked and Jay smiled top models 1985 "You magic is stronger than mine, it is pulling out memories and useful information." he preeteen model photo said "And how is it you can reach me in my sleep?" I asked"I flooded you with magic, you were suffering the first symptoms of magical poisoning" Jack said and then looked sheepish and followed with "I'm sorry. But you were experiencing the first stages of magical poisioning." dasha russian model An awkward silence fell between us. The silence stretched on and then finally Jackson looked into my eyes and he took a few steps forward and he wrapped me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and cried. I don't know how to explain the need but my body needed to release 3d girls models the tension I was feeling so I wept onto Jackson's shoulder and somehow I felt like I was getting back a piece of the 15yo model topless humanity I felt like I was losing. "I'm so sorry Dustin, everything is going to be alright" he rubbed my back and I sobbed and I felt my magic pulling itself back inside me and the light around us faded back into blackness. erotic model young He held me and for the first time I felt comforted about having magic and I felt a little bit better about the whole thing. "Thank you" I usenet teen model said pulling away and Jackson kept me firmly in his grasp car model nude "Are you going to be alright?" he asked "Yea" I said wiping my eyes "It's just a lot to take in" "I know this might be a bad time, but I'm breaking up with you" he said I couldn't help it, perhaps it was the absurdity of the statement or the timing but I laughed. It felt strange to be laughing and he smiled at me too. "I'm somehow okay with that" I said "You already found Ian?" he ask and I detected a hint of jealousy "Jealous?" I asked "I thought you didn't do jealous" Jay looked down ashamed and an awkward silence fell between us. preteem panty model "I'm not" he said calmly and then looked back up and gave me a soft smile and I knew he was joking around. "So what did you mean? I am the one you were looking for?" I asked megan model bikini "I placed my back against the stone and asked for help... Ada brought me here, to you" he said and I couldn't help it. I laughed "I'm sorry Jay even if this were all true; that your name is really Aden and that you're from a parallel universe you're saying that you came all this way for me?" I laughed harder asia nude models Jay seemed to take a little free nudes model emerald city models offense to my laughter. "Parallel universe" Jay muttered "that's a good way of putting it... Regardless, I need to train you how to use your magic" he said That reminded me of something important "JACKSON!" I shouted "What!" he exclaimed suddenly surprised at my outburst "I told Clayton, he knows about my magic" I said alyssa model galleries To my utter amazement Jackson smiled "We know" lingere models nude he said "it's going to be alright" small models naked "What do you mean, you know?" I asked "Raven, I don't want you to be upset, but you are being watched constantly. I don't mean like survealiance or anything, but you are incredibly nude modell special and you need to be protected. If the temple comes, someone needs to make sure you stay safe. I will always be near." He said I didn't like it. But I accepted it "Fine, I'm going inside" I said "I need to sleep" "No matter how much you want it, you will never have that normal life you want so much, you have a gift Dustin and you need zhenya vladmodel to embrace it." he said "I will think about it, could you please give me a couple of days to think about it?" I asked "Take all the time you need, but I feel the temple will probably make a move before then" Jackson said"If that happens, will there really be someone watching me?" I asked"Yes" Jay saidI felt comforted and he gave me amanda cronin model a reassuring smile"Remember that you are part of my Anam Cara and in my heart I will always love you" and with that he disappeared into the dark. I went back inside and quietly climbed back into my room and fell asleep as soon as I hit the covers. I don't know how long I slept but I was awoken when I christina model underwater felt my bed move and I opened my eyes and watched Ian climb under my covers. He turned his back latina clips models to me and I instinctively wrapped my arms around him and held him close. "Couldn't sleep" he muttered and I just squeezed him tighter and we fell back asleep together. young china model When I finally woke up I still had Ian wrapped in my arms snuggled tight against me. That was the first thing I became btm teenmodels aware of. The second thing I became aware of my cock's raging hard on that was trying to burst 2xist nude models out of my boxers and was aching. teen model company I reached down to adjust myself and I heard Ian mutter "Leave it, it felt nice" he said "Yea but it was aching" I said adjusting it. "How long have you been up?" I asked models teenie girls "A little while" he said "I was just so comfy I didn't want to wake you" "Thanks" I said "Why were you gone so long last night, I tried waiting for you but you were gone" he said "I had a lot on my mind" I said vika vladmodel "About what" Ian asked turning around and facing me on the bed. I saw his eyes sparkle and I could really see his every feature at this distance. His eyes were so gorgeous and they seemed like two legal nn models vast universes you just thailand top models seemed to fall into. "About stuff" I said "and about you" "Is it, too soon?" budding beauties model he asked gesturing between us. "No, Jackson is aware of this" I said and Ian seemed a little surprised "What did he say?" Ian asked "was he mad?" "He'll get over it" I said "are you alright?" I asked and Ian's face grew darker but he managed ls magazine models a smile. "I'm alright, I still don't know what I am going to do about food, clothes, school etc..." he said "I mean... it's not like I can stay beeman model 1078 here... right?" "Well obviously no..." I said and I saw the sad look spread across his face "I mean... if you stayed here I horny child models might ravish you so much you'll never be able to get out of bed" I said and Ian laughed and playfully smacked me "Real funny" he said "But seriously?" "Seriously?" I asked and I took a moment and said "You can stay here, you're almost eighteen and you are almost old enough to go out on your own csm models samples anyway" I said "I still can't believe it, every time I close my eyes I think I am going to open them and everything will go back to the way it was" he said and at that moment I knew exactly how he felt. I wish I could close my eyes and will my life back to how boystown behavior model I was before I knew about magic and how Jay was really an elf. "Yea" was all I said as I too got lost in thought and we just colt centennial model lay there together. After some time I gold teen model heard a soft teen model tiny "Dustin?" Ian asked young modeling forum "Yea" I said "Do you love me?" Ian asked and I sat up and looked down at softcore nudes models him in lying in my bed and he had tears in his eyes. "My father didn't love me" he said naked little girlmodels with tears leaking down the side of his face tmf models and my heart swelled in my chest "Nobody loves me..." he began "NO!" I shouted "I love you Ian, of course I do" I said "Ian, you've been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. All my years of school have meant nothing, but suddenly you've entered my world and now everything is better" Ian blushed slightly I continued "Ian, you don't even know how beautiful you are" I said and I leaned down for a kiss. Ian's lips were as soft as I remembered them being and he moaned I I used my tongue hairy nude model to open his mouth and pressed inside. He moaned as our tongues connected alya bikini model and I felt his arms wrap passively around me and held me tight. He pulled away "Thank you" he said giving me his smile and my heart warmed "No, Thank you" I said "I love you Ian, Always have" He blushed and we detached from each other and we gay preeteen models went downstairs to see if anyone was awake. We adult calendar model went downstairs and saw Nix was in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee. "Hi squirt" she said holding out a cup "here's your fix" "My hero" I said mockingly taking the cup. We sat at the table and Ian fixed his own cup and Nix helped him as he moved awkwardly through our kitchen. Nix was actually being youtube nudebikinimodels very nice all things considered; I may have mentioned once or twice that she and I often don't get along too well. generation child modeling "SOOOOO" She said dramatically "Which one of you is the top?" she asked and Ian spit his coffee back into his cup "Excuse me?" he asked "I mean to say, who likes to get screwed?" she asked and I slapped my hand down on the counter. "WE" I intoned "have not had sex yet, thank you" I said "and frankly... THAT is none of your business" excel project model She huffed and turned away and put russian boys models her finished cup in the sink "Well mom and dad are out shopping for some stuff for your boyfriend here, they said they'd be back in a few hours" she said "I think they might have been doing some of those black Friday special deals today too" she gave us a wink "perhaps Santa will bring teene model linda you what you wanted this year" "I figured out Santa didn't exist before you" I said "That's right..." she said ignoring me "Santa already DID bring you want you wanted... A MAN!" She then left us in her wake as she tromped upstairs qsc model 1200 "Your sister is really something" Ian muttered and I cracked a smile "Yeah she is" I said "If she totally didn't look exactly like you I'd say you were adopted" he said with a frown "is she always like that?" "It's her coping mechanism and I've learned to accept it" I said with a sigh "so are you a top or a bottom?" I asked "How in the hell am I supposed to know that?" he asked with a laugh giving me a playful shove. bengali model tinny Just then we heard a knock on the door and I got up out of my chair child topless models to see who it was. I opened the door and I was shocked to see Colin standing in a heavy coat and a knitted cap leaving a streak of his blonde hair in the front. "Colin" I said surprised to see him "How did you get here, in the cold?" I asked "It's really not bikini models that far" he whispered "I got a ride" he said a bit louder and I noticed Ian walk over to the door "Hey Colin" he said and I could tell Colin was a bit surprised to see him "Hey Ian, wussup?" he asked "Not much" he said and Colin gave me a funny look "NO" I said "jeez what's with everyone thinking I'd jump Ian's bone the first chance I got... fuck, his dad kicked him out he's living with us" I said and Ian looked upset for a moment but got over it. "Yea" he said porn models clips "Oh shit man... fuck... I'm sorry dude" Colin said Ian sighed "I'm still coping" he said "Yea man" Colin said and I stepped back so Colin could come inside and I shut the door behind him. "So what brings you all the way over here?" I asked "Well I wanted to ls model blogspot liza teen model talk to you for a bit, I know things have been tense between us and I never agent based model really did properly thank you for rescuing me in the pool and all that shit, I really feel like an ass." He said "Listen, I'm with Ian now, so I'm willing to put it all in the past and you can be with Ian" I said "You don't get it" Colin said little teeny models with teen model natasha a sigh... "I'm just sorry I fucked everything up" "You fucking should be" Ian said upset and I could tell having Ian here was not a good thing "Ian, I'm sorry to ask this, but could you please wait for me upstairs so Colin and I could speak in private?" I asked and Ian looked fit to be tied, but relented and turned in a erotic bikini model huff and pounded upstairs. "Fuck dude" Colin said "Listen my family wants to talk to you, we'll come by tonight" he said softly "I know deep down you're still upset with me but we annika bikini model have to get a chance later. Jackson said he was going to speak with you, I haven't seen him I've been at temple." "They're moving to get me so soon?" I asked little models pussy pretten model russian litle model "Tonight" Colin nodded "Fuck me" I whispered in amazement Colin smiled "Is that an offer?" he smirked and for a moment if felt like I had gotten my friend back. "No, but I will be ready for you tonight" I said "Thanks man" he said turning to go but paused and turned around teen model mariecom "Dustin?" he asked "Yes?" I asked "Thank you for forgiving me, little tight models I know as 13y models preetens your friend what you saw must of hurt you really bad, it took some real strength to allow yourself to overcome it. I... I thank you... Fuck I'm leaving!" Colin cursed as he let himself out the door. I walked upstairs to confront Ian who was sulking on my bed. "Ian..." I said and he ignored me "Ian, whenever we disagree on something I need you to promise me that you will talk to me about what is upsetting you and to not shut down, otherwise I can't make it better." I said and Ian turned "What was that all about!" Ian snapped "I know you're trying to protect brazillizn bikini models me" I said "and most of the time you're right to do so, but Jay is an issue I need to deal with on my own and that includes confronting Colin and to be honest I blame Jay atlas rocket model far more than I modelos colombianas sexy do Colin so please calm down" I said holding his arm "Colin has good intensions. Please trust me?" I asked "Alright" Ian said "for a kiss"I leaned down and kissed the man I loved. Thanks for ReadingReviews, comments, and questions are always welcome at Cailen
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